Like Father Like Son?

A couple of weekends ago a rare event took place, my youngest Son Danny spent a whole day detecting with me and Garry! we set off around half 5 and reached the fields in question at around 9:30 am, Danny slept most of the way down, and who can blame him? the wet motorways hold nothing eye catching whatsoever. The field that we had decided to search had a long track-way leading to the bottom of it which was ideal [...]

The waiting game is nearly over.

This time of the year most seasoned Detectorists suffer from a Pre-Harvest condition, knowing that their favourite fields are still a couple of feet under crop, and those elusive coins and artefacts are well out of reach, even our own substantial test bed has been under long grass for some time, It doesn’t help matters when a few very lucky detectorists have access to land all year round and manage to continue to make good finds, this coupled [...]