Unearthed! The Home of  Minelab, Teknetics, Nokta/Makro and Fisher Metal Detectors!
Nothing quite captures the imagination like the unearthing of coins and artefacts from the past.

For many, metal detecting is not just a Hobby, it’s a way of life, and the research, the patience and the reward of find something that could be over 2,000 years old is what captivates people’s imagination the most.

Here at Unearthed UK we have people of all ages contacting us, telling stories of their days in the field. Some that have retired tell us how healthy the hobby is for them in their later years, fresh air and digging…any treasure found is just a bonus!

We are seasoned detectorists ourselves and have been lucky enough to unearth many great finds over the years, from Gold Hammered and Roman coins to Saxon Gold pendants through to Georgian Sovereigns.

Choosing the correct machine can be a difficult task. Some people want the basic, switch on and go detectors that are simple yet effective and easy to use all day without fatigue Others love the idea of programming their own machines to their particular requirements and fine tune them to be lethal on small gold and silver coins and objects. Whatever your choice we’re here to guide you in choosing the machine that matches your requirement perfectly. If you would like to see more of unearthed UK then please check out the Unearthed You-tube channel, the link is on the websites home page!

We always promote responsible metal detecting, forming a working, fruitful partnership with the FLO’s (Finds Liaison officers) everything that we find is recorded in the correct manner.

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