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So, you have had a look at the unearthed website found many metal detectors and accessories to browse. Now let's meet the owner!

When it comes to metal detectors, Graeme Rushton has been a successful metal detectorist for over four decades, with many important discoveries to his name, Rare and unique coins, artefacts spanning from the bronze age period up to late medieval times., it's certainly been an adventure!

Graeme is also a successful author, his first book, "A Guide To Metal Detecting", which was published in 2021, proved to be a big hit with New and seasoned detectorists throughout the UK and beyond, people in Australia, America and many European countries enjoyed the information packed within its pages - A Guide to Metal Detecting (Paperback)

Graeme is currently writing his next book, which will be available in late 2022. When interviewed recently, Graeme said, "Writing my book was one of the greatest achievements of my life, along with my television work."

Graeme's television career took off in 2020 with an appearance alongside Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson on the channel five productions "This week on the farm" Later changed to "Friday night on the farm", helping introduce metal detecting to the famous Farming brothers Dave & Rob! "I couldn't believe just how nice these people were to work with", Graeme was later quoted saying.

Later that year, Graeme was cast in the pilot for "Henry Cole's Great British Treasure hunt" with ITV; this hit the UK Screens in December 2020; the pilot proved so successful that in 2021 it was commissioned for a five part series, which hit the television screens in 2022! In an interview with "The detectorist" magazine, Graeme was quoted as saying it was an adventure of a lifetime; working alongside cast members, the production team and Henry Cole was a fantastic experience, sure it was hard at times, frustrating, rewarding and tiring all at the same time, hot weather one week, freezing cold the next but wow what an adventure, one that will live with me for the rest of my life."

In 2022 Graeme was featured in the Channel 5 series "digging for Treasure" alongside Michaela Strachan, where Graeme showed Michaela how to use a metal detector, and also gave a discussion in how metal detectors operate, also in one episode Graeme presented it showing how his detecting team uncovered the history on farms for landowners.

Graeme also makes films himself! His top-rated you-tube channel is packed with helpful advice and guidance, along with some fantastic finds showcased throughout the years. Unearthed film productions is a new concept which Graeme will be growing steadily over the next few years, "the whole concept of production and filming is something that I am absolutely captivated in, coupled with my metal detecting I think it's the perfect way to keep myself focused, busy and stress free!- Unearthed UK - YouTube

Graeme currently lives in south Cumbria near the lake district with Melanie, who also helps run unearthed; Melanie is the person who stitches it all together when I am away with other projects and helps make unearthed a successful enterprise. Melanie knows everything there is to know about metal detecting and metal detectors and also helps organise the extremely popular "Unearthed Organised digs," which feature prominently on the unearthed you-tube channel-Unearthed UK - YouTube

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