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    Ex Demo Minelab Gold Monster 1000 with free 5″ coil! SOLD!)

    Ex Demo Minelab Gold monster 1000, comes with Standard coil and free 5″ search coil, headphones and charging pack, absolutely mint condition, only used for demo films, never used outdoors!
    Strictly no offers.
    Box is a little Tatty, but its all about the machine! You wont see a batter one for the money.
    Designed primarily as a super-sensitive, fully automatic gold nugget detector in a very simple design, this high end detector will, as Minelab says, ‘quickly turn beginners into experts’. We would agree and we have no doubt too that it will appeal to coin and relic hunters too as a ‘grab and go’ detector that is capable of finding tiniest thinnest section coinage that conventional detectors are likely to miss. Indeed we are already getting some feedback to suggest this detector is going to be the dream detector for the experts specialising in the tiny and much sought after Anglo-Saxon Sceat! A simple one touch discrimination button filters out small iron nails etc or search in all metal to maximise depth with meter ID! So simple to use!

    Fully automatic operation
    Extra sensitive 45 kHz VLF performance
    Highly adaptable
    2 search coils included
    Easy quick start

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    Ex Demo Teknetics Eurotek Pro 11 version (SOLD!)

    Ex demo Teknetics eurotek Pro 11 coil version, great condition, comes with control box cover, be quick for this one as it wont be here long at that price!

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    Pre-Owned Teknetics G2+LTD CAMO Version SOLD!!

    Pre-Owned Teknetics G2+ in camo (Coil, arm cup & Control box is camo ) making it the limited edition model.
    Good condition, comes with control box cover, a superb detector, great on Gold, great on Hammered coins, also works on the beaches! A brilliant workhorse in the iron.
    Comes in the original Box.

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