Unearthed welcomes the new range of Minelab Vanquish Detectors

Its been sometime since I did my last blog, the reason? too much work, too little time, but that is a poor excuse so lets hope I can produce a little more than I did last year.

This blog is because the new range of Minelab Vanquish Detectors have now arrived in force, at the beginning of 2020 we managed to have a small batch arrive which gave us the chance to test the 340 model on the unearthed test bed, after 15 minutes of using the detector we knew it was a winner, the whole range will be, it performed so well, locked onto every target and even hit the deeper ones with ease, simple, effective and great performance is how I summed it up in the short film we made, however within minutes of finishing the test someone arrived and bought it! A pity as I enjoyed using it so much.

So why the Minelab vanquish and what does it offer that other introductory machines do not? Well lets compare the vanquish range with the the Garrett ACE Range, that has pretty much dominated the intro detecting world for more than a decade, well firstly the Vanquish are true multi-frequency detectors ,which means you can pretty much use them anywhere and unlike the Garrett Ace models they are extremely comfortable on the wet sand, they make a very, very smart beach detector and its all down to their Multi I.Q technology, crammed with easy to use features the range are also a brilliant pasture detector which lock into deep targets as good if not better than detectors twice their price, with a collapsible stem to 30 inches this range are going to be the new kings of the Introductory detectors, no question about it, there is simply now a better choice for people coming into the hobby, everything moves on in life and these detectors have changed it for individuals that want value, performance and ease of use.

For much more information check out the Vanquish range here on the unearthed website under Minelab detectors,

Hope to catch up with you all again soon and take care out there,


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