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Its been a while since I did my last blog, in fact we go all the way back to April to the last time I sat down to type one out, the reason is because my time is now being split 4 ways, Unearthed is becoming a busy little business, we are doing lots of good work on social media, Instagram, You-Tube and of course good old Facebook! On top of all this Im out in the field detecting as soon as I get the chance, and who can blame me!

Now Ive had some good seasons over the years, seasons where I do well for Hammered coins, maybe a little glimpse of Gold coming up or even a choice Roman piece, However a growing trend has set in, a trend that had started in 2015 with the emergence of me using the G2+, Ive harped on about it being my “special Machine” and it continues to do me proud. However last month (September) it elevated it from my top 3 detectors of all time to first place, top of the tree, it has no equal in my eyes, of course it matches my iron laden sites on the arable land perfectly and coupled with my experience it really is the “machine of Machines”….So why ,you ask, am I hyping up my G2+ so much, well for the past 3 seasons ive hit Gold with it, Ive hit scores of hammered and roman coinage with some lovely artefacts mixed in but this period coming into Autumn has really made my jaw drop, sure you say, you have good land, well its the same land ive been trampling over for the past 12-15 years, with multiple detectors, simple as that!

So lets look whats happened, firstly August was quiet with only really a couple of roman Brooches and some Bronze coinage coming to light, hot weather, long days in the field were tiring to the extreme, However that soon changed, A dull Sunday at the start of Sept saw me heading to a field where I had last walked over around a decade ago, Finds were sparse, conditions were good and my mind was clear of any Burdens (For once!) after a few hours I moved off only to come back on mid afternoon, why? I dont know, I had a feeling…thats all I can say on the matter, a sweet, sharp signal rang up in the G2+ and soon I had a lovely clod shot of a hammered coin peering out of the mud, I managed to video it, which you can see on you-tube, and as I gently peeled the coin off the clod I knew at first glance it was something out of the ordinary, I flashed a picture up on the Unearthed facebook group and within minutes it came back as a Stephen and Matilda Penny, rare as Hens teeth and very desirable! I couldn’t believe it, walked around in a daze for the rest of the day, a coin of all coins, certainly the best Hammered silver coin ive ever unearthed! (see Picture!) Very Lucky and very Blessed, I will leave that day there and move onto the next week…..Back out in fields we haven’t really spent much time on but we were so glad we picked one in particular, smack bang in the middle of the field I winkled out a selection of medieval finds with a lovely small Gold posey ring coming up mid afternoon, the G2+ keeping up its record of gold each year since using it, I was again buzzing, as you can imagine! The very next week we visited a new farm which had been on our radar for sometime, we only had a small field available but again we had a brilliant day, Roman coins and Brooches coming to light and once again, mid afternoon I hit a full Bronze age spear, Deep, buried vertically I really couldn’t believe the run of luck I was having, and now moving into October i have had a 2 week period of hitting a lot of lovely Bronze roman coins coming up in between all the iron fragments, High praise is warranted especially after the rewards it has given me, G2+, take a bow! I hope to continue with the Blogs now leading to Christmas and who knows what the next adventure will bring up!?


Bye for now,


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