The Eagle has landed!

Unearthed Metal detecting adventures, well lets face it to me that is what they are, and this one was no exception. Yep you have heard it before, getting up early, driving miles, meeting landowner, getting all the gear ready and go! Well that’s pretty much how it goes except on this particularly cold Morning in April I had forgotten to pack my jacket, and Boy was that wind cold, Unseasonably cold (or am I getting old?) so just an Unearthed hoodie it was as I shivered most of the morning until lunch. The field in question had been left alone once ploughed and was again in a semi-rough state, so I started at one end and worked my way “long strip up” to the top hedge-row, on the way I managed to find a worn but welcome medieval Hammered penny and a Tudor hooked tag, nothing special but still decent finds in my eyes, and that was pretty much that until around 11:30am when I was slowly snaking my way to the lower end of the field hoping for better luck (and warmth!) A small Roman Brooch came to the surface minus its pin and within minutes I was investigating another target which had me thinking it was deeper than the rest. Spade in, probe locating target and soon I was gently pulling up a very strange object, at first glance I thought some sort of iron accessory for agricultural use, next thought was some sort of grappling Hook, I was holding the artefact upside down by its iron shank and decided, in my puzzled state to turn it right way up, and that is when the penny started dropping, I first noticed an eye peering out of the mud it was covered in, a gentle wipe revealed more detail including a beak with another eye on its other side, “This is weird” I thought and set off around a 100 yards to show Garry this unusual find. On my way to him I was seeing more and more detail, yep this is an eagle or some sort of Bird, with a large bronze head! I showed “G-Man” it and he was impressed, but it wasn’t until lunch-time that we started to uncover more of  this amazing find, I ended up back at the car, firstly because I didn’t want to walk around the field with it, much too large for my finds pouch and with it weighing over 1.2 pound then it would soon have been uncomfortable, so in my detecting bag it would go until home time, I couldn’t help giving it a light brush as I always carry one with me and that really did set the heart rate going, all over the place I could see fine detail, such as carved feathers and stunning ring and dot design on its head-gear,  I wrapped her well up and placed it away carefully ,I was soon back detecting, but, as always I couldn’t get into it after that, my mind kept on wandering back to the find and by 4pm I had well and truly packed in. I posted a couple of pictures on social media to see if anyone had seen anything like it but nothing firm came back, it was 24 hours later after careful research we realised it was an iron age chariot fitting/Linch pin! Up there with my best ever artefact find this story still hasn’t finished yet and im looking forward to meeting with one or two experts to shine a little more light on this superb find, as long as I live I dont think I will ever find another and im more than happy to share this story with you and also some images of the find. Before I forget the find was made with my teknetics G2+, this machine never, ever lets me down and once again has done me proud.

Finally you just never know what you will unearth next, keep searching, keep finding Folks!




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