Enter the King…

Its been a while again since I did my last blog, with Xmas upon us its difficult to find the time to actually sit down and do it, without rushing in and making a complete Hash of things,nothing worse than a badly put together script, but finally here we are!

3 weeks gone, me and Garry dropped on a stubble field, at around 35 acres it was more than enough for us to go at, in fact we will probably hit it again a couple of times before the year is out. Its a gently sloping field which can get a little boggy in the lower quarter, especially this time of the year. We stood at the field entrance eyeing up the areas of flattish stubble where the farm vehicles had been working weeks earlier, some areas were just too thick to swing a coil through, so we tried to make the best of what we had to go at. Cold and crisp just what we like ,I headed off into the centre of the field whilst “Gaz” was working 20-30 yrds behind me, nice and slow working carefully in the areas without restriction of the dreaded stuff a fragment of lead turned up first signal, then a sweet target had me fumbling in the soil for a lovely Medieval Hammered penny, edward the third, nice flat and round with a decent colour tone to the coin, second signal in and I was beaming with joy! A quick photo of it and i was back holding the G2+ , a quick wave over the hole and 6-9 inches off another target came through, you can guess what I thought….could it be another coin? 30 seconds later I was holding a full thimble of much later date, ah well what could have been!  After that little flurry nothing much came to light, copper coins here and there, the usual junk, modern scrap had me walking back to the car for lunch with a pocketful of stuff for the recycling bin!  A 15 minute break and a brew we were soon back at it, the day had turned out to be stunning, lovely blue sky without a cloud to spoil it, this time I decided to work the area of land above where i was searching in the morning session, again things were quiet with the odd blip and target coming through, then at around half 2 things changed….. I was working a plateau three quarters of the way up the field, signals started coming through in the form of weird and wonderful strips and lumps of lead (always a good sign for me) then a medieval buckle came to light and very soon after a lovely medieval ring brooch with 6 turrets, one or two still showing remains of white paste in them, I admired this find for a few minutes and continued slowly, methodically scanning this patch, not too long after a medium tone had me down on my knees, and I soon had a clod with a signal in it, turning it around I glimpsed the edge of silver, at first glance I thought it was a Charles the 1st hammered coin, something about the shape in the clod had tricked my brain into thinking so, how wrong could I be, as I gently removed the clod to reveal a cross with tiny fleur de lis design in each quadrant, Wow this is an early coin I thought and immediately turned my mind to King stephen, I walked over to Gaz, showed him the finds and told him to join me in the patch, in fact I let him have the lot as my work was done here, I could quite easily turned my G2+_magic wand off and sat under a tree for the rest of the day, I was completely over joyed with the coin, which turned out to be a watford type, class 1, mint and moneyer still to be determined, what a stunning coin, I stood there admiring it as it was only my third ever full stephen penny! Finds like this really get my imagination flowing, coins like this were struck and created by artisans and im sure they have the soul of the maker infused in them, crazy you make think but im sticking with my fantasy!

It took me a good 30 minutes to settle down again, i knew it was this long as I didnt dig too many signals at all after it! Gaz on the other hand was doing well in the “Patch” , he managed to winkle out two Hammered silvers , early on he unearthed a huge rumbler/Crotal bell with lovely design infused, so he was enjoying his day too, the sun-set was to die for, red into blue and pink had me again staring at its beauty, the last decent find of the day was a roman bronze of the emperor “crispus”, in really good nick too and that was that, the end of a superb days detecting which will live long in the memory. A short mention must go to my little Teknetics G2+, ive been using this almost full time now since july 2015 and I have to say out of all the machines ive used over the years, including ones at a much higher price point, its up there with the best, if not the best in my humble opinion, fast , light, sensitive and surprisingly deep, the stuff ive pulled up with it has been incredible, it never fails to amaze me, in a world where hype is king its refreshing to have something that just does the business, week in week out, and I will continue to let it weave its magic, as it will have to be some machine to prise my fingers from it!

All the best to you all for the coming year , have a great Christmas and if you get the chance get out detecting!


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