Mixed emotions!

Saturday gone had us back on the road to a familiar Farm that had been kind to us in the past, the field we wanted to search had peas on it until the end of July but with busy weekends, the window of opportunity had only just opened for us to travel down. 5 am start seen us arrive around 9 am, Tracked down the Landowner we were set up and ready to go around half 9!

The field from a distance looked flat, however driving up to it things were different, its was lumpy in places with dead pea vines in large clumps covering the land, the field in question was around 40 acres and in the past we have had finds from Roman right through, strangely though it has never really produced the finds we would have expected, situated where it is/was you would have thought some rather special finds to come to light, yes sure hammered coins and the odd silver roman coin are nice but with the history surrounding it and actually on there its rather subdued finds wise, I think someone had given it a fair hammering in the past as a couple detected this area for over a decade, They didn’t get it all though and with these modern machines we certainly do well!

I was using the Teknetics G2+ (again i hear you say!) but this time I had the Cors Fortune coil fitted as there is a fair amount of iron present, this coil enables me to winkle out the stuff with an already deadly machine, so they go hand in hand, also the depth of these little coils is impressive, so my mind is settled and not wondering if i’m missing targets.
First signal ironically rang up at 85 on the screen and turned out to be a George the third Penny with two unusual “nicks” around the edges, one at 12 o clock, the other at 6, why someone did this we can only guess but still a welcome find, a few Buttons later I hit a tiny roman coin, blank on one side, a chunk missing off and the faint image of a soldier standing, not the best of coins but a roman nonetheless. Oyster shells scattered here and there, cockle shells also and a smattering of pottery had me dreaming of better finds but not a lot came up leading to Lunch-time, a few copper coins and the usually lead dross seen us back at the car for food and rest.

The rain showers were a burden especially when the BBC indicted a dry day was in order, I cursed them more than once! With this in mind the afternoon session was mainly carried out at the lower end, which saw me dashing into the trees for shelter more than once, within an hour a nice candle snuffer showed itself and a few more coins, a small lead tag with initials on it had my attention but nothing major, this had me feeling a little frustrated, and I struggled for a while with my concentration, my detecting mate Gaz was also in the same boat with not much coming up, a brief chat with him around 3pm had me walking around 10 yards from him, a signal came through from under a pea vine mound, a quick scrape with the boot and a spade of soil removed saw me holding a small Hammered penny, the shield on the reverse indicated it was Tudor in date, Later on this was confirmed as being an Edward VI penny in the name of Henry VIII, A welcome find indeed as I dont find too many of them, in fact this was my first Penny of that reign. A quick scout around the area revealed nothing else and that was pretty much it for the day, Gaz managed a Georgian Silver spoon with the initials “WH” inscribed, which turned out to be his best find, all in all it wasn’t a bad day, mixed emotions always hit me on this field as I know somewhere, hidden beneath its soil something special lurks, Driving home looking at all the fields being cut and and worked had us dreaming of better days to come.

Keep finding, keep searching!!


Unearthed (UK) LTD.

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