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Hello Folks, and welcome to this latest blog,

We get many calls for after-market Coils, some people are curious to what it will bring to their machine, some folk know exactly what they want and some folk are stuck between 2 & sometimes 3 different types and makes! Its a mine-field, its also a mine-field for us to test which work well on what machines, some coils like the “Tigers” are extremely bad on detectors such as the XP GMP, whilst others work much better. With so many coils now flushing the Market (and more to come!) its crucial that we test and sell the ones that work, the key points here are- sensitivity levels remain, depth is increased (but not always) stability is standard and ground balancing doesn’t become an issue, I will always say that the Standard coils that come with most detectors are good, stable and do the job very well, however if you are after that extra boost in performance then the after-market route is the way to go, also remembering that with a lot of the coils we stock, ground coverage is a major boost, something that can pay dividends on the right land etc.

Check out this video below that we did this morning, on a selection of coils from the “Cors” Range, I hope to do a few more in the coming weeks to give detectorists a flavour of what to expect.

Lastly, our unearthed Metal detecting group on Facebook is now growing steadily, you are more than welcome to link in and join the friendly group we have created, no silly celebrities plugging one certain brand and certainly no silly behaviour, just nice and relaxed, just as we like it! Future competitions will be held at regular intervals so stay tuned!

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