The Digitek will be chosen by the teenagers with its stylish colors and great feature set. This will be the detector your child won’t grow out of! Features include full discrimination capability, a pinpoint mode, 0-99 target ID numbers, 9 graphic target indicators, depth indicator, FeTone adjustable iron audio and 3-tone audio target ID. This Machine really does outpunch its size, light, deep and sensitive and also has a notch facility too!

A great machine for the kids, teens and young adults.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    First off what a machine. It’s light and punches deep, the 7” coil is built very well. It has a very fast recovery speed.
    I’ve run it over my test bed which is the same as what Norfolk wolf used and every single target is found with no problem at all. Even the Victoria penny at 7” and raising the coil to 10” and still giving a tone.
    Don’t let the price fool you into thinking it’s no good. This little machine will keep up with detectors 2x even 3x it’s price.
    Well done Teknetics and thank you to unearthed.

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