minelab vanquish 540 pro pack


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The Vanquish 540
The Minelab Vanquish 540 Pro-Pack

Now Entry-Level is Next-Level!

Minelab Vanquish 540 Pro-Pack is the top end of the new Vanquish series. With advanced technology not found in more expensive machines and turn on and go usability combined with a lightweight, compact design, this special package contains all you need to start detecting like a pro. It is the ultimate machine for the beginner to intermediate detectorist and a serious back-up for the expert.

The Vanquish 540 Pro-Pack comes with two waterproof coils, the V8 and V12, plus Bluetooth wireless headphones, along with the advanced features of the standard 540, including a red back-light display, headphones, rain cover, arm strap,coil cover and Bluetooth aptX low-latency wireless audio, all for under £500!

Offering 3 pre-set detecting modes plus pin-point and all metal modes the Vanquish 540 will take your detecting to the next level. With additional iron bias control and 25 discrimination segments you have fine control to decide the metals you accept, while an All Metal shortcut button lets you quickly accept everything.

Simple User Interface
Simple user interface with red back-light LCD display
Probably the most exciting feature of the Vanquish Series, which puts it way ahead of others in its price range (and above), is the inclusion of Minelab’s unique Multi-IQ Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Technology, as seen in the Equinox Series which made it a real game changer in the metal detecting world and by far the best selling metal detector in 2018, 2019 and probably all-time to date.

All the Vanquish Series detectors operate on three frequencies, low, medium and high simultaneously, giving you the best of all worlds whatever you are searching for.

What sets Multi-IQ apart from other so-called multi-frequency systems is that it is true Simultaneous multi-frequency. That is you are transmitting and receiving on all supported frequencies at the same time as opposed to selecting just one frequency from a given range to use at any one time, which is probably better described as switchable frequency. Switching frequency is effectively like swapping one single frequency coil for another, without physically swapping it. With Minelab’s simultaneous multi-frequency it’s like using all your coils in one sweep of your machine.

Three Simultaneous Frequencies
Three Simultaneous Frequencies
More than that, the real intelligence of the system is that the Multi-IQ processing will collate and compare the signals from all operating frequencies, analasing the similarities and differences between them to get a clearer picture of what’s really down there. This gives you better target ID and discrimination at greater depth, and the versatility to perform in a wider range of ground types, handling mineralisation, wet sand, coke/iron occlusion, etc. That means you can find and identify targets that a single frequency will struggle with.

Now anyone can harness the unrivaled power of Multi-IQ, with easily selectable pre-set detecting modes, already set up and tested by Minelab experts. There is no need to learn the complexities of various settings, the hard work has been done for you. Turn on, select a mode, detect.

Compact Design
Reverse the Arm Cup for storage and transport.
Detect Modes
All Metal
Three: Low, Medium & high Simultaneously
Noise Cancel
Auto (19 Channels)
Iron Bias
High / Low
Sensitivity Levels
Volume Levels
Target Tones
Target ID Range
-9 to 40
Discrimination Segments
Depth Indicator Levels
Audio Output
Built-in Speaker
3.5mm (1/8″) Headphone Jack
Bluetooth aptX Low-Latency Wireless
Back-Light Mono LCD
Minelab Vanquish 540 in the field
Weight (Including Batteries)
1.3kg (2.9lb)
Length Extended
1450mm (57″)
Length Collapsed
760mm (30″)
Coil to 1m (3 feet)
Operating Temperature Range
-10°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature Range
-20°C to 70°C


6 reviews for minelab vanquish 540 pro pack

  1. 5 out of 5

    alan plevey

    out today on local permission first outing with the vanquish 540 impressed with it no problems with EMI under power cables the machine is a pleasure to use lightweight beautifully balanced and the rubber grip is nice and comfortable

    i used it for 4 hours and had no problems with fatigue it found targets easily and hit the targets hard the sounds were crisp and clear and unmistakable you would dig these signals all day long. a plus was the charger and the rechargeable batteries and it took literally a few minutes to assemble.

    for the money these will fly off the shelf literally turn on and go cant wait to try the 8 inch coil that comes as part of the 540 pro pack. subscribe to unearthed you tube page as Grahame will be doing a few videos on this machine plus take it onto the test bed

  2. 5 out of 5

    richelliot (verified owner)

    Bought this for my girlfriend as I wanted a detector that would allow someone with no experience to get detecting in a short space of time and this didn’t disappoint. This machine is very light and quick to setup. The bonus of the pro pack meaning no headphone wires hanging around. Also with two coils if you need to get into tighter spaces. What I do really like is that fact it comes with removable batteries so you can just swap them in the field as having a built in battery can sometimes be a pain if you forget to keep it charged. This machine doesn’t take any thinking about and within minutes my gf was already digging up coins. It’s got good depth and is also as good on a beach as it is on the land.

  3. 5 out of 5

    David Jones

    I absolutely love my Vanquish 540 pro pack!
    It is a beast in the field. So easy to use and very user friendly.
    The pro pack is undoubtedly a superb package for the price.
    Multi IQ as well, What more is there to say really?.
    Super machine and package, from the best retail outlet in the business!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Walter Perry

    My Vanquish 504 pro pack delivered yesterday evening out this morning for 2 hours 5 coins 2 buckles found easily in an iron infested field the target separation is outstanding a very good buy for the price
    Highly recommended

  5. 5 out of 5

    Malc Sut

    started with a C-Scope years ago then went to a minlab X-Terra then changed to the XP Deus then changed to the Equinox 800 and now on with the Vanquish 540 which I must say for me is the best I have had! so all in all a great detector that will find everything that every other detector will find!

  6. 5 out of 5

    Anthony loughran

    Was a bit nervous about changing my detector but absolutely nothing to worry about after a talk with Melanie and Graeme who guided me to the best choice for me all with no pressure to buy so pleased that the Vanquish 540 Pro package was the best option and it certainly is a fabulous machine slowly learning but I’m really pleased so many thanks for your help and advice plus service second to none. PS my T2 classic is now my stand by machine.👍

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