Magnetar Hardcore Magnet, 4x Attraction 150kg Round.


New to Unearthed UK. the Harcore Magnet, this fishing magnet will out-gun magnets of a much higher KG!
The Hardcore Magnet with extreme far-reaching appeal! We believe this is one of the best fishing magnets to date. Many magnet fishermen talk to praise the hardcore magnet by its effective capture results. If you’ve ever used another one-sided magnet exceeds our Hardcore magnet it, even though you have a 350kg 450kg 550kg or 600kg magnet. Do you want to properly protect the magnet? Order the cover * traction decreases.

Magnet specifications

All-round attraction
4x Enriching attraction (150kg round)
Perfect casting weight
Perfect for our prod
Known You-tube videos
extremely strong
M8 connector
No housing, caution needed due to extreme power.
case available
Children’s use under parental supervision
Recommended rope: 8mm
Registered brand Hardcore vismagneet ®
Exclusive Hardcore vismagneet ®
Pay attention!
Our neodymium magnets are very powerful and can pull on a high speed against iron objects etc. Here you definitely do not want to get between your fingers. With stronger magnets in our range is even possible that it can crush your fingers, break or cause blisters if you get your fingers in between. Thus Always handle the magnets with care: the use is at your own risk . Always read our safety warnings before using.

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