Magic 5×8 Search coil for Fisher F44



The 5×8 Search coil from MGC Labs!
This is already a firm favourite with Graeme From Unearthed, matched to his G2+ its the perfect combo!
Lightweight, surprisingly deep, a really sharp little search coil which is great in the iron, stubble and foreshores, a sure winner for the uk detectorist.
Comes with coil cover fitted, Nut & Bolt included
24 Month Warranty.

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1 review for Magic 5×8 Search coil for Fisher F44

  1. 5 out of 5

    Tim Rogers

    Graeme went out of his way several months ago, to secure and deliver this 5×8 coil for me for my Fisher F75, I had to wait a wee while, as this was a proper ask. Within a few weeks I received the coil, and used it on the ’75 on several heavily iron infested sites over the past year. All I can honestly say, is that it was worth the wait! Using the ’75 in the FA mode, (depth not being a premium, as I really do mean the site is Extremely infested with iron ) the separation and recovery was mind-blowing for a 13 kHz MD. I really am totally impressed. With this coil fitted to a ’75 or ’70 I can report that it has given an already very versatile MD, a true cutting edge in iron that simply wasn’t there before. On cleaner ground, using depth mode settings I was delighted to discover that the coil was hitting 9″ small coin targets cleanly and pin pointing spot on. Therefore, I highly recommend this coil. Thank you Graeme for going that extra mile for me. I am sure that armed with this MGC Magic 8×5, similar enhancements will carry over to the F44.

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