Coiltek Equinox Search Coil 10×5


The new Coiltek Minelab Equinox search coil 10×5!

What a sharp coil this is!

Offering superior sensitivity and pinpointing ability this coil will really come into its own on iron contaminated sites, tight areas which need detailed searching, also ideal for stubble and beach work around rocks, with good depth remaining! A coil to have in the armoury!

Taking names for orders as these will move quick!

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1 review for Coiltek Equinox Search Coil 10×5

  1. 5 out of 5

    Steven Knight

    A really neat little coil and extremely practical on pasture for going around the edges of your fields right up to stone walls without bashing into everything. Great for getting in and around those nooks, crannies and odd dips in the land. Weight wise, you dont even notice the fact that this coil is fitted. extremely lightweight but still packs a punch when it locks onto a target. I use the NOX 800 and the recovery speed with this coil fitted is phenomenal. Now you wont get the depth that you would with its bigger brothers but it was still picking up signals between 8″ and 10″ down so for this fact, it would be great to use on ploughed land rather than pasture for maximum results in my opinion. pin pointing was spot on with this coil and very accurate. Whizzed up and down my hilly permission with this coil and if you are happy to compensate area covered during a digging session then this coil does the business and is a great all rounder.

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