Coiltek Equinox 14×9 Search coil


The new Coiltek Minelab Equinox 14×9 search coil

This coil, with its elliptical shape, accurate pin-pointing and depth increase will be the perfect all-rounder, especially good on the beaches and wet sand, its also ideal for searching pasture and large open fields where the coverage will be needed, what a coil!

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2 reviews for Coiltek Equinox 14×9 Search coil

  1. 5 out of 5

    Steven Knight

    I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 14×9 Coiltek following all of the hype and rave reviews elsewhere. I gave it a test run last Sunday and most importantly it does not disappoint. This is a serious bit of kit and weight wise you know that you have something substantial at the end of the stem. Any worries that I had over the weight of this coil quickly evaporated however as the days digging progressed. There is no getting away from the fact that there are lighter coils on the market however this was more than adequately compensated by way of the overall balance of my machine (NOX 800) with this coil fitted. The oval shape of the coil rather than the big round shape was a factor regarding the overall balance which allowed for a smooth swinging technique whilst maintaining closeness of the coil to the ground. Performed very well on flat level pasture and strangely enough also on the incline as most of my current permission are quite hilly in places. I charged up the incline with little or no effort whilst maintaining technique. The coil punches deep, no doubt about it. I was hitting very small pieces of lead and foil at relatively deep depth (12 to 14 Inches). Whilst the day did not produce anything that exciting finds wise – Thats Metal Detecting – I am confident that I wont miss the really exciting finds still to be unearthed. This coil will be ideal for stubble fields with hard stalks.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Darren Murrell (verified owner)

    First of all well done to Unearthed as a company and a fb group great advice and service 5☆

    Now the 14×9 coil I’ve done just over 40 hours with it fitted I wanted to give it some heavy use on my 1st permission which I’ve gridded with the teknetics patriot on all settings and with the karma coil over three years and then another 8 months with the standard equinox 600 it came alive again on certain parts and proved the upgrade was worth it.
    The 14×9 coiltek had been set the challenge and it didn’t let me down after my 1st outting I noticed none of my finds were in the clod and I spent more time on my knees going deeper to get my finds than before and the quality of my finds increased 4 three pences from the silent feild left me in awe on a stretch I always go too my second hammered coin a Richard the second clipped down to just the head at 2 pinpointers down nice crisp signal and a solid 12 on the vdi in all directions if it’s in the ground it will find it!

    Now the downside yes it’s a tad heavier and has upset the balance of the machine but it does swing well in long grass and the cost is close to buying another lower end detector but as negatives go they are far out weighed by the sheer performance of this coil.

    My go to settings are ground balance on auto threshold 3 target tone 50 accept reject -9 recovery speed 2 sensitivity 19-25 depending on feild.
    My only other tip is if you use makita tool’s the battery and charger are great for topping up charge to and in the feild happy hunting

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