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A Guide to Metal Detecting book

(15 customer reviews)


New to Unearthed UK! Wrote by Graeme rushton of Unearthed UK!

The aim of this book is to provide detailed information, practical help, handy hints and tips in regards to all aspects of Metal Detecting.

By offering advice and guidance this book aims to make the hobby of using a metal detector fun, interesting and interactive to anyone who wishes to have a go! It will give the reader an insight into following best practice and how to enjoy the hobby in a responsible way, everything will be covered from choosing the right detector & equipment to gaining permission to search land, understanding the law and of course giving the necessary information to make sure that people enjoy their hobby to its maximum potential. From beaches to farmland we want you to be able to feel confident enough to search these types of environments and make interesting discoveries without feeling out of your depth.

Information will be passed over regarding potential discoveries of treasure and the law surrounding such finds and also the identification of coins and artefacts that the reader may come across in their adventures. After reading this book, you will be able to enjoy this magical and captivating past-time and have the confidence to unearth some fascinating and historical discoveries.

A must for all people interested in the Hobby of Metal Detecting!

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15 reviews for A Guide to Metal Detecting book

  1. Catherine Lange (verified owner)

    Loved this book!
    I don’t know what I was expecting but I realised quickly that it isn’t like any other detecting book I’ve read. It covers off everything a beginner needs from choosing a machine, equipment, getting permission, etc. in just the right level of detail. Doesn’t skim over the important stuff but doesn’t get too detailed and confusing either. Impressed!

    This is a very easy read, not at all dry and boring like many others. It’s not too technical, but tells you everything you need to know about a machine and it’s features. What Graeme is really good at though is bringing the points to life - the stories and anecdotes really keep the interest going. Really enjoyed it and it really is a great book for the beginner.

  2. Christopher Kirk (verified owner)

    A thoroughly enjoyable read packed with very informative advice, help and guidance. Some invaluable tips for beginners looking to get into the hobby and also sound pointers for the more seasoned detectorist. This book should be in the library of every detectorist.

  3. Danny Lambert

    Fantastic book. It's a great source of information. The experienced tips are superb. It will improve your skills and knowledge most definitely. As for increasing the chances of making more finds the research section is invaluable I picked up some great advice with this part! Great to see a much needed book like this available to the hobby!

  4. Anita Garnett

    A great interesting informative book it doesn’t go around the houses to get the information out like other books
    Didn’t get much work done that afternoon after collecting it just wanted to read on .
    I great Christmas stocking filler!

  5. Chris Linton (verified owner)

    Cracking read and a must for the beginner covering everything the novice will need to know.And plenty for the seasoned metal detectorist.
    The passion and dedication of the author shines though every page making it a easy and enjoyable read as decades of knowledge and experience that Graeme has acquired is passed to the reader. Highly recommended

  6. Danny Lancaster

    Received my copy of “A Guide to Metal Detecting” today. Having just finished reading it, I must say, it is obvious from the start it has been written by someone who completely understands not just the technical side of the hobby, giving sound advice, handy hints and quoting the necessary legislation and rules that anyone interested in the hobby needs, but also by someone who has a deep connection to the historical interest and emotions that are invoked by unearthing all those items from our past.
    The font used is modern and easy on the eye, mixed with enough high quality images to keep the reader enthused throughout without tempting you to skim through.
    Congrats Graeme Rushton you’ve done yourself and the hobby proud with this one. ??

  7. Dave.G.Reed (verified owner)

    Just read this book it's a fantastic read, easy reading already recommending it to my friends it's a credit to you both he's done the hobby proud, ?

  8. Dave .G.Reed (verified owner)

    Just read this book it's a fantastic read, easy reading already recommending it to my friends it's a credit to you both he's done the hobby proud, ?

  9. Billy (verified owner)

    A good honest read providing a valuable source of information for the novice and revision material for the mature detectorist. Well done Graeme and Mel.

  10. Will Morris (verified owner)

    Well, done Graeme, what a fantastic book. When i first started taking an interest in the hobby a couple of years ago and buying equipment as well as trying to work out where i could detect, how to detect i was all over the place spending so much time on YouTube, google etc totally confused and frustrated at times whilst purchasing the wrong and too many products as well as so many so called experts on media and sellers of equipment with conflicting views. It became such hard work.
    If i had this amazing straight to the point book, expertly detailed and easy to follow, everything would have been so clear and clicked into place straight away. From what detector, equipment to look for as a beginner, where to detect, gaining permissions and most importantly how to get the best enjoyment out of the hobby.
    This book is a must for all beginners and experienced Detectorists. The many years of experience that Graeme has gathered over four decades, jumps right out of the book and makes this such an incredible read. Pictures, illustrations, and information are excellent, an amazing touch with Graeme’s son detecting on the front cover, so impressive.
    Excellent work Graeme and Melanie, truly brilliant.

  11. Peter Houghton (verified owner)

    New to detecting, read this book from start to finish without stopping which is very unlike me, thank you for a very good read and some very good advice for my new hobby

  12. Dale Gowing (verified owner)

    This book is No1 best selling book “A Guide To Metal Detecting by Author Graeme Rushton. This book is for all abilities from beginners to experts in the hobby but how well does it do? It takes on the authors 40 year experience in the detecting world brilliantly. East to read and understand with great illustrations! See the video review here:

    #bookreview #bestseller #aguidetometaldetecting

  13. Jim Black (verified owner)

    As a newbie to this, I’ve gotta say this book is so well written and produced. The information in this book is enlightening very interesting and mind blowing in some cases. Authored by the man himself at with a lifetime's detecting experience. Don’t think just buy it. You will not be disappointed

  14. Darren Booth (verified owner)

    Great read, bigger than expected too which is a bonus. The only thing better than this book is the customer service from these guys. Top service as always

  15. Edwina Bentley (verified owner)

    My husband appreciated this book for its easy to read format which gave him great informative advice and guidance, thank you very much for your time and effort spent on the book.

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