XP metal detector transport case
    This polypropylene Case is foam lined with cut out for all your XP equipment to be stored in one spot safely

    This new case is the solution to keep all your XP products in one place and take it with you everywhere.

    Made from polypropylene,
    Durable, shock and weatherproof resistant,
    Lightweight to carry
    Stainless steel hinges guarantees a long life
    Large base gives a good stability,
    Inside foam is cut to house all your XP materials,
    Parts are perfectly secured.
    Foam is shaped to meet up to 3 coils , even the 38/45 cm one!
    Slot for padlock,
    Double security lock,
    Wide handle for a comfortable grip.
    Size: 73 x 47 x 17 cm weight: 3.3kg.

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    he new XP Pinpointer known as the MI-6, has the following innovative features:

    – Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery

    – Submersible up to 20 feet

    – Connection via radio link to the DEUS with the following advantageS,

    The audio signal from the pin pointer is transmitted directly to the DEUS remote control and headphones,
    Anti -Interference system between the MI-6 and the DEUS: The Deus switches to Standby mode when MI-6 is activated and comes back to on when the MI-6 is switched off.
    The Deus display will automatically switch to the MI-6 display when the MI-6 is switched on.
    The MI-6 has a very long battery life – Up to 90 hours.
    Research mode is accessed from the Deus V4 menu it recovers a lost MI-6.
    If you lose your MI-6, you can locate it even if it is switched off….even after several weeks the alarm will sound.
    The Deus menu will have a full range of MI-6 adjustments giving the operator full control such as :
    · 50 levels of Sensitivity

    · Sound mode : Pitch or Bleep

    · Audio Tone Adjustments.

    · Pinpointing – target zoom graph

    · Research Mode to locate a lost MI-6

    · On screen Battery Level indication

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