The Answer Lies within the soil..

Its been at least a few weeks since I did my last blog on here, with a busy period for us at unearthed ive let a few detecting sessions slip through the net, so Im trying frantically to catch up! Both myself and Garry have had a decent run, Roman coins coming to light, some nice artefacts, one or two Hammered coins and a touch of Viking too, the weather has been hit and miss with some days seeing [...]

Some days are better than others.

Last weekend saw us join up with a really great set of folk, detecting near the east coast, the travelling wasn’t a chore, stunning scenery in the early morning sunshine had already put me and Garry in a good mood, 10 miles from destination however saw a blanket of fog appear! That soon lifted and by 9 am we were detecting on some damp stubble in the hope of a few Roman coins and artefacts to make an appearance, [...]

Mixed emotions!

Saturday gone had us back on the road to a familiar Farm that had been kind to us in the past, the field we wanted to search had peas on it until the end of July but with busy weekends, the window of opportunity had only just opened for us to travel down. 5 am start seen us arrive around 9 am, Tracked down the Landowner we were set up and ready to go around half 9! The field from [...]

Heat, Stubble & a few Finds! Detecting season has begun!

Rain, which was almost relentless greeted us from 6am through to destination last Saturday,arriving at the Farm I was relieved to see two things, one of our favourite fields had been cut and the weather had decided to buck its ideas up. After a quick chat with the Landowner we were soon building our Detectors ready for the challenge of stubble. I always take 3 coils with me, sometimes you never know whats going to greet you and with [...]

The waiting game is nearly over.

This time of the year most seasoned Detectorists suffer from a Pre-Harvest condition, knowing that their favourite fields are still a couple of feet under crop, and those elusive coins and artefacts are well out of reach, even our own substantial test bed has been under long grass for some time, It doesn’t help matters when a few very lucky detectorists have access to land all year round and manage to continue to make good finds, this coupled [...]

Coil Talk.

Hello Folks, and welcome to this latest blog, We get many calls for after-market Coils, some people are curious to what it will bring to their machine, some folk know exactly what they want and some folk are stuck between 2 & sometimes 3 different types and makes! Its a mine-field, its also a mine-field for us to test which work well on what machines, some coils like the “Tigers” are extremely bad on detectors such as the XP GMP, [...]

Hello & welcome!

Hello! Firstly a warm welcome to the new Unearthed website! Here you will find a much larger and more comprehensive online store which has been carefully designed by myself and the web design team with the detectorist purely at the heart of it, the page, as you see it now will change each month and grow to be the biggest detecting webpage in the uk, not only will it have the latest Machines on offer but new accessories, Unearthed organised [...]