Unearthed Minelab Event

Hi Everyone, This is our first blog for sometime, due to the fact that we are flat out most of the time! Just to let you know that we are hosting a Minelab event here in Cumbria in September, this will be our first of many coming in the next few years, the plan for the day is to introduce a class for beginners using the equinox 600 & 800, A trade stand, A token hunt, a marquee with [...]

Whats new in 2019 with Unearthed uk!

Unearthed UK would like to wish you all a happy 2019! This Blog/News snippet is aimed at giving you all a heads up on whats happening with us here at Unearthed. Firstly we have hit the ground running in detecting terms, last weekend was my first day out of the new year and saw me bag a couple of Hammered coins and various artefacts etc, my aim is to replicate 2018 finds wise and try to build on it (Nothing like [...]

High Praise Indeed!

Unearthed UK LTD Its been a while since I did my last blog, in fact we go all the way back to April to the last time I sat down to type one out, the reason is because my time is now being split 4 ways, Unearthed is becoming a busy little business, we are doing lots of good work on social media, Instagram, You-Tube and of course good old Facebook! On top of all this Im out in the [...]

The Eagle has landed!

Unearthed Metal detecting adventures, well lets face it to me that is what they are, and this one was no exception. Yep you have heard it before, getting up early, driving miles, meeting landowner, getting all the gear ready and go! Well that’s pretty much how it goes except on this particularly cold Morning in April I had forgotten to pack my jacket, and Boy was that wind cold, Unseasonably cold (or am I getting old?) so just an [...]

Fisher Metal Detectors

Hello ! This is a short statement informing you that Unearthed UK LTD will no longer be stocking ,selling or promoting Fisher Metal detectors, the images left on the website are for the few Detectors we have left in stock, Any enquiries you can contact Fisher research Labs who will more than helpful regarding advice, guidance and support on their products, Many thanks,   Graeme Rushton, Unearthed (UK) LTD

Jumping the Gun!

Its been a while since my last blog, which is all my own fault, putting it off each week as the adventures & finds slipped by, no excuse for it! The weekend was upon us and we were all set for a Saturday trip, however the weather had other plans! Heavy rain swept in from around lunchtime through to after tea so that put a block on the trip, Sunday was different, broken cloud and sunshine with a temperature of [...]

Enter the King…

Its been a while again since I did my last blog, with Xmas upon us its difficult to find the time to actually sit down and do it, without rushing in and making a complete Hash of things,nothing worse than a badly put together script, but finally here we are! 3 weeks gone, me and Garry dropped on a stubble field, at around 35 acres it was more than enough for us to go at, in fact we will probably [...]

Like Father Like Son?

A couple of weekends ago a rare event took place, my youngest Son Danny spent a whole day detecting with me and Garry! we set off around half 5 and reached the fields in question at around 9:30 am, Danny slept most of the way down, and who can blame him? the wet motorways hold nothing eye catching whatsoever. The field that we had decided to search had a long track-way leading to the bottom of it which was ideal [...]

The Answer Lies within the soil..

Its been at least a few weeks since I did my last blog on here, with a busy period for us at unearthed ive let a few detecting sessions slip through the net, so Im trying frantically to catch up! Both myself and Garry have had a decent run, Roman coins coming to light, some nice artefacts, one or two Hammered coins and a touch of Viking too, the weather has been hit and miss with some days seeing [...]

Some days are better than others.

Last weekend saw us join up with a really great set of folk, detecting near the east coast, the travelling wasn’t a chore, stunning scenery in the early morning sunshine had already put me and Garry in a good mood, 10 miles from destination however saw a blanket of fog appear! That soon lifted and by 9 am we were detecting on some damp stubble in the hope of a few Roman coins and artefacts to make an appearance, [...]