Like Father Like Son?

A couple of weekends ago a rare event took place, my youngest Son Danny spent a whole day detecting with me and Garry! we set off around half 5 and reached the fields in question at around 9:30 am, Danny slept most of the way down, and who can blame him? the wet motorways hold nothing eye catching whatsoever. The field that we had decided to search had a long track-way leading to the bottom of it which was ideal [...]

The Answer Lies within the soil..

Its been at least a few weeks since I did my last blog on here, with a busy period for us at unearthed ive let a few detecting sessions slip through the net, so Im trying frantically to catch up! Both myself and Garry have had a decent run, Roman coins coming to light, some nice artefacts, one or two Hammered coins and a touch of Viking too, the weather has been hit and miss with some days seeing [...]