The waiting game is nearly over.

This time of the year most seasoned Detectorists suffer from a Pre-Harvest condition, knowing that their favourite fields are still a couple of feet under crop, and those elusive coins and artefacts are
well out of reach, even our own substantial test bed has been under long grass for some time, It doesn’t help matters when a few very lucky detectorists have access to land all year round and manage to continue to make good finds, this coupled with viewing them on the social media outlets certainly gets the juices flowing, mixed in with a touch of envy. However, rest assured, the seasons are moving, June is nearly out, the crops are in full flow, the weather has helped with large areas basking in warm weather coupled with periods of rain making a welcome appearance, this has helped the crops flourish, on our own permission the pea fields are not far off and for some people access to good land is only a matter of weeks away or even less!
So I wonder what this season will bring?, good fortune I hope, and the anticipation to get back to the areas of the fields that have produced in the past, with the hope something will still remain burns brightly inside us, however I have found over the years, sometimes to my dismay that when you build up so much excitement to get back to a certain site that it ends up in bitter disappointment, the night(s) before you can barely sleep you are that keen to get out there, only to find the turn of the plough has been cruel and nothing of any note turns up. However detecting is a marathon, not a sprint, I have been on fields that have been quiet for years only to come alive again after a deep plough or a change of crop etc, and worth mentioning that each season a field will crop up ( pardon the pun) that will completely surprise you regarding finds, one burns brightly in my memory on one of our permissions,the field in question was largely overlooked due to its size and location, situated between two small woodlands we found to our frustration that it was littered with shotgun shells, after a 3-4 hour session on it we literally gave up and headed for more lucrative fields, however a couple of seasons back the field in question was the only one available to detect on that day, so we had no choice other than to search it, we already knew it would be frustrating shot-gun shell wise, but we persevered and managed to unearth some really nice hammered coins and a really superb example of a Celtic silver unit. Clear your mind of any negative thoughts and enjoy any field thats available to you, that way you will gain more success in the hobby.

Keep an eye out for future blogs coming in the next few weeks,

All the best,


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