Hello & welcome!


Firstly a warm welcome to the new Unearthed website! Here you will find a much larger and more comprehensive online store which has been carefully designed by myself and the web design team with the detectorist purely at the heart of it, the page, as you see it now will change each month and grow to be the biggest detecting webpage in the uk, not only will it have the latest Machines on offer but new accessories, Unearthed organised dig information, videos on up to date Metal detectors, latest finds- Blog on our detecting adventures and much more!

On the homepage you will also find links to the Unearthed Facebook page, unearthed facebook detecting group, instagram , and our You-Tube Channel, in time these will grow to be vital links for the detectorist to get the latest information on Detectors,  and accessories.

Its been sometime since I uploaded any finds I have made this year but I will show them soon as we have made some nice discoveries since January!

Also worth noting we dont have “celeb Detectorists” hyping up machines & accessories, we dont need any of that as we are detectorists, pure and simple! If they work in the field and get great results then people will know, if they dont then we wont endorse or sell them, its as simple as that, none of this hype before a machine has even touched the soil!


Many thanks for all the support we have had from you all, its heartwarming to have such a great following from you all.






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